American Anime RWBY Is Back and Is That Wolverine?

Okay, Most of us (anime fans) have acknowledged the technically RWBY is not an anime in the sense that the term was originally born. The show has been called an anime due to the fact that it is done with an art style that is heavily anime / manga influenced and the producers, Rooster Teeth, pay more than […]

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The very backbone of the Internet Lies in relationships you know nothing about | GEGATT

p5rn7vb Back before the WWW or world wide web as we know it, before HTML and CSS and PHP and the almost universal use of email over the USPS (or other country postal services), we had individuals who ran servers from home you could dial into and get access to the predecessor to what we […]

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The CosView – Boston Comic Con 2014 Photos

Photos taken by Lazzaro Studios ( and Essie Cosplay (

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Doctor Who S8E1: “Deep Breath”

Before the premiere of Season (Series outside of the United States) 8 of Doctor Who this past weekend, Steven Moffat indicated there would be a tonal shift in the show. The stated reason was to keep the storytelling fresh and interesting, and to allow for the show to go in new directions. This all makes […]

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Review: Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is really, really good. Let me just start like that. No game in recent memory has made me more willing to be drawn into its world as quickly, and kept its claws deep long after the credits rolled. From the moment I jumped into the intro stage, the music started blaring, and I […]

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Everything You Thought You Knew is Wrong (about CRT’s and LCD’s) | GEGATT

One of the most interesting bits of trivia I know and like to share is the inventor of the television. He was not Thomas Edison. He was a lax-Mormon named Philo T. Pharnsworth. When I brought up his name to my mother, she said, “I knew the Pharnsworth’s.” Both Philo and my mother were from […]

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

“Heroes In A Hack-Shell” Directed by Jonathan Liebesman Screenplay by Josh Appelbaum & Andre Nemec And Evan Daugherty               You know your reboot/revamp is in trouble when a secondary character has to tell the audience not once, not twice, but three times to just enjoy what’s on the screen.  Will Arnett’s neurotic Vernon Fenwick (a […]

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palm pilot

If you thought the iPad and iPhone were market changers, keep reading | GEGATT

If you are both old enough and had enough money (or at least wanted to have enough money) then you remember the Palm Pilot. This was a handheld organizer along the lines of the iPhone or the Newton, but worse and better or different or something. It was the digital equivalent of the Franklin Planner […]

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The CosView at Boston Comic Con

Hey guys! We are here to catch you up with the interviews at Boston Comic Con, as well as photos from around the con. It was crazy packed and I have to say, the mini-line con works as a good name. We were able to meet with great people and talk to them about what […]

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Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods: Fanservice and So Much More

To say I raised my oldest child on anime wouldn’t be too far from the truth. He was roughly 4-5 when I introduced him to Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon thanks to Cartoon Network and a nifty little program called Toonami. Dragon Ball Z became his gateway anime. We spent many hours sitting side […]

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