Supernatural – “Paper Moon”

This week’s episode of Supernatural, entitled “Paper Moon,” involved an old victim, a classic monster-of-the-week set-up, and something we’ve never seen before in the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester: our favorite brothers attempted to take a break from hunting. For the first ten minutes of this episode, I was surprised, and enthralled, by the […]

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The Flash- “Going Rogue”

In last night’s episode of The Flash, “Going Rogue” interesting events unfolded in regards to Barry’s team, his love life, and Iris’ love life. The episode grade wise was a solid A- encompassing everything we’d expect this show to do. It handled serious situations in a non heavy-handed way, while balancing a level of honesty […]

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TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 4 Ep.4 “The Apprentice”

Last week’s episode was a treat for Captain Swan fans as the pairing went out on their first official date. But it wasn’t all puppy love and squeal-worthy moments, as darker things were going on in the background.  The fourth episode kicks off by focusing on the Apprentice and the magic sorcerer hat. We see […]

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TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 4, Ep. 3 “Rocky Road”

Despite it being the Frozen arc in Once, things are just starting to heat up. Sunday’s episode gave us the official reveal of the new ice villain, although there’s been no confirmation on her name or what her plans are for Storybrooke. It pans out in Arendelle as follows: Elsa plans to follow Anna to […]

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TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 4, Ep. 2 “White Out”

Storybrooke may be ‘Frozen’ over, but it might not be Elsa’s motive after all.  Last night’s episode brought our heroes face-to-face with the Ice Queen, and further cemented Arendelle’s ties to the Enchanted Forest. While still hokey, the second episode was much stronger than the premiere. Furthering Anna’s quest to help Elsa, she arrives in […]

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DinoLand | Chapter 8: The Long Walk

m4s0n501 Welcome to the latest chapter of DinoLand, by A.J. O’Connell and illustrated by Max Farinato. For the previous chapter, click here. To begin reading at Chapter One, click here. Steve Asten, Founder and CEO of DinoLand Enterprises, Inc. Steve is pouring himself a cup of coffee in the reception area of the security office. […]

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TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 4, Ep. 1

Once Upon a Time, the popular fairytale-based show, returned Sunday night. Having teased its ‘Frozen’ cast all summer, our reception to episode one was appropriately…icy. Season 3, which ended with the triumphant defeat of Zelina also introduced a set of new problems: the yet-unnoticed arrival of Elsa; a tragic love triangle between Regina, Robin Hood […]

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virtual reality

You are being lied to about Virtual Reality | GEGATT

I like to call this the Lawnmower Man effect. Or, the period at which home computers had gotten to a point where science fiction writers (especially for movies) could begin imagining a world where the immersion of intellect into a virtual world was possible. No. This is not the singularity. That idea has been around […]

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Sleepy Hollow 2.01: “This is War” brings back all the insanity that America was founded upon, with less heads.

  I’m not ashamed to admit that tuning into Sleepy Hollow after the nine months since its first season finale was daunting. The show has moved fast since the very beginning—tossing out references to demonic purgatory, magical cults, and encrypted patriotic bibles with such casual aplomb that it’s surprisingly similar to the way “hang out” […]

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To Live A Dragon’s Age 5: Story Time

Editorial note: Welcome to the fifth installment of  To Live a Dragon’s Age, the second of two web serials running on Geek Eccentric. To Live A Dragon’s Age, written by author MAJK, edited by Dionne Lister and illustrated by Lydia Kurnia and Isaia , will be published one installment at a time on the third Sunday of every month. For more exciting fiction check out DinoLand, written by author […]

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