TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 4, Ep. 8 “Smash the Mirror”

This weekend brought the OUAT double-feature treatment, considering there was a lot of ground to cover. Rather than spreading out Emma’s out-of-control magic issue over a few episodes, they condensed it. Plus, there was the treat of finding out what happened to Anna and how Elsa ended up trapped in the jar. In “Smash the […]

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TV Review: Once Upon a Time S4. Ep. 7 “The Snow Queen”

In this weekend’s episode we finally get to see what turns Ingrid into the Snow Queen. It’s a tragic past, of course, but it’s the only part of the episode that makes any sense. Ingrid’s past is like the prototype of Elsa’s: she discovers her powers at a young age, she’s afraid of them and […]

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Allons-y! Syracuse University Professor to Teach a “Doctor Who” Course

The 10th Doctor might not barge into your class repeating “Physics!” but it’s the next best thing. Professor Anthony Rotolo has created a Doctor Who seminar series for the 2015 spring semester at Syracuse University. Known as #WhoClass, the class will “explore the history, evolution and cultural impact of the long-running BBC program, Doctor Who,” […]

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TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 4 Ep 6. “The Family Business”

Once took a dark turn in last night’s episode, giving an indication as to how the rest of the season will pan out with the new villain. The sixth episode also knotted all the lore together, which has the potential to make The Snow Queen the most intertwined villain yet. The most important part of last […]

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TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 4 Ep. 5 “Breaking Glass”

This week’s episode gave us the big reveal for the Ice Queen’s motives, and it was not so much a shock as it was a disappointment. But on the flipside, there was some character growth for some other ladies in the cast. It starts with Elsa and Emma looking through the sheriff’s files to see […]

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DinoLand | Chapter 9: An Interlude

Welcome to the latest chapter of DinoLand, by A.J. O’Connell and illustrated by Max Farinato. For the previous chapter, click here. To begin reading at Chapter One, click here. Perdita Patrone, Vice President of Communications, DinoLand Enterprises, Inc. The dinosaurs are a fairly recent addition to the park. Sometimes it’s still a shock to look […]

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Supernatural – “Paper Moon”

This week’s episode of Supernatural, entitled “Paper Moon,” involved an old victim, a classic monster-of-the-week set-up, and something we’ve never seen before in the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester: our favorite brothers attempted to take a break from hunting. For the first ten minutes of this episode, I was surprised, and enthralled, by the […]

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The Flash- “Going Rogue”

In last night’s episode of The Flash, “Going Rogue” interesting events unfolded in regards to Barry’s team, his love life, and Iris’ love life. The episode grade wise was a solid A- encompassing everything we’d expect this show to do. It handled serious situations in a non heavy-handed way, while balancing a level of honesty […]

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TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 4 Ep.4 “The Apprentice”

Last week’s episode was a treat for Captain Swan fans as the pairing went out on their first official date. But it wasn’t all puppy love and squeal-worthy moments, as darker things were going on in the background.  The fourth episode kicks off by focusing on the Apprentice and the magic sorcerer hat. We see […]

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TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 4, Ep. 3 “Rocky Road”

m4s0n501 Despite it being the Frozen arc in Once, things are just starting to heat up. Sunday’s episode gave us the official reveal of the new ice villain, although there’s been no confirmation on her name or what her plans are for Storybrooke. It pans out in Arendelle as follows: Elsa plans to follow Anna […]

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