The Thing About Pesky SGML | GEGATT

Believe it or not, and regardless of your level of familiarity with the acronym, you are beholden to SGML standards every day of your life. SGML stands for standard generalized markup language and it allows any computer or data driven system to look at some simple tags and coding and interpret that coding into proper […]

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The Wonderful Art of Data Tethering | GEGATT

Back in the day, when cell phones were more of a commodity than a necessity, and by necessity while I pay for an internet connection via the cable company and not cable or telephone and I haven’t spoken to a LAN line phone company in years I’ve consistently maintained my cell phone and upgraded with […]

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DinoLand | Chapter 7: The Lost Child

Welcome to the latest chapter of DinoLand, by A.J. O’Connell and illustrated by Max Farinato. For the previous chapter, click here. To begin reading at Chapter One, click here. Perdita Patrone, vice president of communications at DinoLand Enterprises, Inc. Her voice has been rising for an hour now. Each time she speaks, she edges closer […]

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Review: Azure Striker Gunvolt

Even if Capcom may not pump out megaman games quite like they used to, the world will never lack spiritual successors to the blue bomber. Azure Striker Gunvolt is a modern day Megaman X, fasted paced running and gunning included, that manages to carve out it’s own place in Megaman copy-cats with some unique mechanics […]

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Marvel cancels ‘Elektra’ and it’s a bummer

After just five issues, Elektra is dead. Bleeding Cool wrote last week that Marvel cancelled the comic, written by William H. Blackman, with stunning art by Michael Del Mundo. (We reached out to Blackman for confirmation, but have not heard back.)  A source at my local comic shop tells me there are two more issues […]

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The CosView – So They Say You Shouldn’t Cosplay at BCC 2014

This year, The CosView and Geek Eccentric attended Boston Comic Con 2014. Packed with cosplays and tv heroes, BCC was an energetic and fun filled con that was great for all ages. The CosView photographer, Lazzaro Studios, stated that BCC “was the best comic con” he had been to all year, and we had been […]

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Thor is a Woman But This Woman Couldn’t Care Less

  Thor is soon to be a woman, as a woman I’m expected to stand up and cheer. I’m not impressed. In fact, I’m even less impressed because Marvel chose The View as the place to make that announcement. I smell a PR bid. Also The Falcon, aka Sam Wilson, is taking over as Captain […]

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American Anime RWBY Is Back and Is That Wolverine?

Okay, Most of us (anime fans) have acknowledged the technically RWBY is not an anime in the sense that the term was originally born. The show has been called an anime due to the fact that it is done with an art style that is heavily anime / manga influenced and the producers, Rooster Teeth, pay more than […]

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The very backbone of the Internet Lies in relationships you know nothing about | GEGATT

Back before the WWW or world wide web as we know it, before HTML and CSS and PHP and the almost universal use of email over the USPS (or other country postal services), we had individuals who ran servers from home you could dial into and get access to the predecessor to what we know […]

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The CosView – Boston Comic Con 2014 Photos

Photos taken by Lazzaro Studios ( and Essie Cosplay (

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