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To contact Geek Eccentric please follow this link to our contact page.

As is true of many sites, we are excited to see what is out there and willing to review books, movies, comics, games, and more. You can send requests or notes through our contact page or directly to: geekeccentric@gmail.com. If requested, we will make every effort to return items sent to us.

Geek Eccentric :: About

Geek Eccentric started out as an idea. An idea where I (John, a.k.a. smokingpen, a.k.a. Robot from Outer Space) realized that I had a tendency to outgeek people when it came to popular culture, sci-fi and fantasy, and more. I’m a techno-geek, I use Apple for the Unix and design aesthetics, I love a good movie or TV series, and I delve into the depths of esoterica and love it.

Then I realized the name, Geek Eccentric, and from there the concept was born. Only it was a concept.

Immediately I knew two things:

  1. Adam Newson had to be involved
  2. Robin Collins had to be involved

From there I registered a website, set up hosting, and started posting.

Adam invited friends and mates to write. Robin opened the door for others to look and become interested and I watched as people started to become interested.

My wife finally realized, one day, that I was doing more than merely following a website, but was running it. She checked things out and had that ah-ha moment everyone wants to have. There was something inside of the concept behind Geek Eccentric that had meaning (my wife majored in philosophy at a Jesuit and Mormon universities, meaning is important to her). My idea started to take on shape and while I cannot claim ownership for other people’s interpretations of what I want to accomplish, I am happy and grateful they have agreed to be part of this grand adventure.

Geek Eccentric is bigger than me or all of us. We want to be a part of the greater counter-culture movement that is Geek, and we want to define our own community and part of the interwebs by who and what we are.

Many of our writers, A.J., Cisco, Linsey, Dan, Heidi, and more come from a shared background and education in writing. We met in an MFA program, or I became aware of people because of the MFA.

Others have joined our merry band through relationships and individually expressed interests. We are lucky to grow, it seems, daily with individuals wanting to stretch and grow in new and unique ways. More importantly, we – Geek Eccentric, want to be more than merely a stopping ground and as we grow and develop and become more we know you’ll be right there with us.

Thanks for being a part of this grand adventure.