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John Hattaway

John Hattaway, posting as smokingpen, is the creative force behind Geek Eccentric. He is also the publisher, works the SEO of the site, and cultivates much of the news and content (including opinions on all things geek).

John has been blogging since 2004 and working in various aspects of the interwebs and computers since 1996. John has an MFA from Fairfield University, and a BA from some religious university closer to the west coast. His first piece of fiction, The Babe Ruth Story, will be released as a part of an anthology this year. And he’s actively working on writing more fiction, to include Science Fiction and more literary stuff so he, too, can join the ranks of the published.

Until then, John will continue to be a working technical writer and professional communicator, an adjunct professor of English, and his regular autistic self. Occasionally, John is also willing to accept Outgeeking contests, though he doesn’t always agree. One can never tell.

For more info about John you can visit his personal website at

A.J. O’Connell 

A.J. O’Connell is an author, journalist and a Bene Gesserit wannabe. She’s a Lord of the Rings geek, a Firefly nut, a Whovian, a recovering Trekkie, a fan of the original Star Wars films and a raging feminist. She posts mostly (but not exclusively) about about the intersection between fandoms and feminism.

A.J.’s got an MFA in creative fiction and a decade of journalism under her belt. She’s written two books, “Beware the Hawk,” and “The Eagle and the Arrow,” both published by Vagabondage Press. She’s also published short stories in Independent Ink Magazine, on NPR’s website and in several anthologies.

If you’re interested in reading more from A.J., you can visit her blog at


MAJK is an author, an old school nerd, and a techno-genius with feminist tendencies  She’s a Trekker, a Star Wars kid, a Marvel girl, and Whovian. She is a role playing, web-comic junkie fighting an extended battle with video game addiction.

An Anime fan-girl from the age of 18, after an accidental exposure to Akira, she fell in love with the art style and began actively seeking it out before it was readily available in the US. She enjoys reading Manga and is a rabid collector of both Anime and Manga to the extent that her pocketbook will bear. She writes reviews of Anime, Manga, and randomly posts about other geekery whenever the urge strikes her and the editor allows.

MAJK holds a MS in Information Security, works as a Systems Development Analyst III at the University of Florida, who reads and writes in what passes for free time in her very busy life. If you’re interested in reading more from MAJK, you can visit her website at If want to request she review a specific anime/manga or just want to chat about geeky things you can find her on Twitter @Safireblade.

Michael Fischetti 

Michael is the wise cracker in the back of the room who likes to think he’s a cross of E.K Hornbeck from Inherit the Wind and Joss Whedon. In reality he’s just a really passionate lover of the geek liberal arts; comics, movies, sci-fi, literature, and video games. He is the beat writer for all things Disney Company, mainly the theme parks and feature films.

Right now Michael is working on his MA in Cinema and Media Studies while writing scripts, making short films, and hoping to launch the groundbreaking web series one day. You can follow him on twitter at @thefischman.

Adamtroy Newson

Adamtroy Newson is part of Geek Eccentric’s editorial board. He also covers comic book news, writes a weekly pull list, reviews the pamphlets, and throws his opinions around.

Adamtroy, or Adam, since he realizes his name is odd, is a pop-culture junkie, internet-holic, and wild writer (but, what writer isn’t). He has a BA and an MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University. Currently, he is working on a collection of short stories and scripting a comic book series, in the hopes of getting both published.

Until he makes an extravagant amount of money for writing, like Stephen King, Adam continues breathing, editing, rewriting, and recruiting more people for the site. And, if you ask nicely, he will show you his collection of Jack “The King” Kirby comics and add you on facebook.

Gabriella Tutino

Gabriella classifies herself as a laid-back geek with an unhealthy obsession and love for mermaids. As an aspiring novelist, she forayed into the world of fanfiction in her middle school and high school years and regrets it for all eternity. Like many kids of her generation, her geekiness started with playing Pokemon, watching Toonami, owning a subscription to Shonen Jump and sticking with the Nintendo platform. Today, she dreams up cosplays, looks at “geek chic fashion” and celebrates Star Wars Day.

Gabriella is working on a short animated film and is in the process of writing a novel, which means spending all her time watching Netflix. If you ask nicely, she’ll tell you her fanfiction account name.


Abigail Hammond

Abigail Hammond is a fiction writer, vegan, Game of Thrones enthusiast, and Twilight Zone aficionado, among other things. She would argue that she’s more eccentric than geek, but who needs labels?

She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University and has published short stories in The Vew From Here and Red Ochre Lit.

Visit Abigail’s blog ( and twitter (@abbyhamms) for more on her projects, quirk, eclectic ponderings, and odd information.

David Lowry

David is a self proclaimed table top board game fanatic and wanna be designer. He is the founder and Host of Club Fantasci, a speculative fiction book club and columnist at Metalholic Magazine. He also writes an entertainment blog and is the Host of Live From Music City radio program . You can reach him at @lowryagency on twitter.

David Lowry is the President of The Lowry Agency, a full service artist management and promotions agency that works with musicians, speakers, entertainers, actors and models based in Nashville, TN.  For more information please check out for all other links.

Annemarie Veira

Content to be added.

Brandon Davis

Brandon, or Bodacious for those who know, is a culture geek, a music major, and your current go to comic book guy at Geek Eccentric. He loves Sonic and Megaman, old school 90’s shows with some 80’s on the side, and just about anything that will make him laugh or ponder the meaning of life.

Brandon’s Geek Eccentric qualifications can date as far back as 1992, when he would spend his time as a baby sitting around watching TV, which would just so happen to involve shows such as the campy Batman show from the 1960s, and not so campy shows such as Dragon Ball. Throughout the years, he grew to watch way too much (but not enough) TV, from channels such as Warner Brothers, to Cartoon Network, to Fox Five, everything he learned coming from the life lessons of the Power Rangers and Batman kicking the snot out of bad guys. He also has a good history and track record of video games and movies, always willing to play or watch one such as Pokemon or a good fighting game.

Brandon the past few years has been exploring the media industry, namely in music and the arts, seeking to become a huge player in it. When not writing comic book reviews or strong opinionated articles about everything geek, Brandon likes to play the guitar, sing terrible karaoke with his girlfriend and childhood friends, draw some goofy looking comics, and most important of all, eat good food and sleep good sleep. You can follow him at,, or if you’re lucky enough, you can find him on the book of faces and he may friend you.

Amy Holmes

Amy is a self-professed sci-fi/fantasy movie fan, but really just prefers movies where stuff blows up and girls kick butt. Her earliest memory is Han Solo on the big screen during Episode IV’s first run. Amy is an eclectic geek, although a few of her favorites include Batman, Firefly, bad 80’s sci-fi, Pixar films, Phineas & Ferb, and, most recently, Doctor Who (thanks to AJ).

This is Amy’s first foray into the blogosphere. She will primarily be reviewing wide release movies that cross the genres of Animation, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Superheroes, and anything with Bruce Willis. Making distinctions between movies that are good and movies that are fun, Amy will do her best to help you decide if something is worth your $8.00 $8.50 $9.25 at the Cineplex.

Robin Collins

A poet with Time Lord DNA, Robin has regenerated so many times that she can’t remember what she originally looked like or what form of poetry was originally her favorite. She holds an MFA in poetry and a black belt in Haiku.

Cisco Covino

We regret to inform you that Cisco’s been transformed into a chimpanzee, which was the unfortunate result of a grammatical experiment gone wrong at the university where he currently teaches. We are trying to reverse the process, but it could take a while. (If that doesn’t work, we might have a job in the library for him.)

Shannon Clark aka Essie Cosplay

Whatever name you want to call her, Shannon is an anime/cosplay/fantasy/sci-fi/book nerd. Currently attending Fairfield University’s MFA program, Shannon spends a lot of her time either writing or creating cosplay. She has taken her obsessions and combined them with the help of Geek Eccentric to become the Cosplay Writer, bringing anything and everything from spotlights, to interviews, to what is happening in the cosplay community.

If Tumblr is your choice of social interaction, you can follow Essie/Shannon’s tumblr at and be updated with all the different things cosplay that she loves. If you want to keep up with her own cosplay lifestyle, run over to

The YouTube channel is finally up! Catch interviews and content at

Tony Lazzaro

He’s called the One Big Boss by his friends!

Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, Tony Lazzaro is a man of many talents and hobbies, some of which include, photography, writing, gamer, reviewer, artist, free therapist, martial arts, cosplayer, and has been called, The Last Gentleman by many. Graduating from Blue Hills Regional Tec in 2006, with a background in photography, art, music and web design, Tony skipped college and began working odd jobs till he was able to afford his greatest passion (other than videogames), a camera. He has been called the real life Frank West, not just due to his likeness to the Capcom character, but for his love of photography and doing what it takes to get that FAN-TASTIC shot! He is also rarely seen without sunglasses, sunglasses are badass.

When not snapping pictures, or fighting the undead, (we are still unsure about that last part) Tony devotes his time to his youtube channel called New2RetroReviews which he began back in October of 2011. As the name suggests, its about reviewing the latest games and re-visiting the games of the past. Since it’s debut, Tony has done everything from game reviews, rant videos, and his newest endeavor, beginning last year, doing Let’s Play videos with his friends.

His favorite videogame series include, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Sonic The Hedgehog, King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and that’s just to name a few.

To follow Tony, aka One Big Boss, follow him at his various social media outlets in which he runs!

New2RetroReviews Facebook Page: Reviews/190983910990507
Youtube Channel:

Facebook Photography Page:



Amy LaMena

Content to be added.

Marvin Tran

Marvin was born in the year 5039, but after a failed crossing at a temporal tesseract, he fell in and ended up here. He spends an inordinate amount of time watching science fiction, reading comics and playing video games in the hopes of picking up some useful time travel tips that will help him get home. He would have written his own bio, but he’s out back with a classic car and a can of Plutonium.

Dan Hajducky

Dan obtained his BA in Professional Writing and Media Studies from Southern Connecticut State University, but also attended Fordham University for two years as a Communications/Media Studies student. He played on the men’s soccer team at both schools. He received his MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University. He has worked for the Connecticut Post, the New Haven Register, and most recently, ESPN The Magazine. He also writes about television, film, and books for the website Den of Geek US.

Dan is currently at work on his first novel. He can be reached for comment via e-mail (, on Twitter (@MrDuckus). He would prefer if we all went back to communicating by messenger pigeon, though.

Robot from Outer-Space

For lack of a better way of explaining it, Robot from Outer-Space  is the robot-Friday of the Geek Eccentric crew. News and such. And yes, there is a person behind the facade.