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Sleepy Hollow 2.01: “This is War” brings back all the insanity that America was founded upon, with less heads.

  I’m not ashamed to admit that tuning into Sleepy Hollow after the nine months since its first season finale was daunting. The show has moved fast since the very beginning—tossing out references to demonic purgatory, magical cults, and encrypted ...
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If You’re Not Using an E-Reader You’re Not Alive | GEGATT

Sony, way back, was the leader in e-reader technology. Back when e-ink was a new thing, and then not a new thing, but still not widely adopted and now that it’s been co-opted by the Amazon for its e-reader Kindle ...
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To Live A Dragon’s Age 4: What Do You See?

Editorial note: Welcome to the fourth installment of  To Live a Dragon’s Age, the second of two webserials running on Geek Eccentric. To Live A Dragon’s Age, written by author MAJK, edited by Dionne Lister and illustrated by Lydia Kurnia and Isaia , will be published one installment at a ...
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Why I Use Microsoft Office (And Maybe You Should Too) | GEGATT

Prior to the rise of the GUI OS there have been office products that have included word processors, spreadsheet programs, and presentation software. Today, if you’re employed or in school, the top of the top of these is Microsoft Office, ...
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The CosView Reviews Heroes of Cosplay (Season 1.5 – Episode 2)

On episode two of the 1.5 season of Heroes of Cosplay, we were taken to Ottawa Pop Expo in Ottawa, Canada. Ottawa adheres to the International Costume Guidelines, a strict set of rules for cosplayers who choose to present their ...
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Clarke’s Three Laws

For the uninitiated (or those who never knew where at least one of these statements came from) Arthur C. Clarke made his mark on the world of Speculative Fiction, of which Science Fiction is a part, by creating three (3) ...
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Z is for Zoology | A to Z Challenge

Zoology is the study of the evolutionary study and history of animal biology. In the past, this was about how animals and species came to be prior top Charles Darwin’s trip on the HMS Beagle to the Galapagos Islands. With ...
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Y is for Yeast | A to Z Challenge

This might not seem obvious to many, but yeast is the basis for a lot of life. Or, it’s the basis for bread and alcohol. In either case, yeast is an important representative component to the future and LIFE IN ...
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V is for Visitor | A to Z Challenge

The one thing we cannot seem to get past, no matter how hard we try  (or how crazy people sometimes are), is that there is life out there. Where? Outer Space!!!! Wait! What? Yes. It’s true. The majority of people, ...
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U is for Universe | A to Z Challenge

This is the big one. Literally. The one that defines everything that came before and that will come after. This is the very nature of our existence, the answer to the Big Bang, the notion of how life came to ...