Marvel Releases Exclusive Look at Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen Graphic Novel

Marvel Releases Exclusive Look at Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen Graphic Novel

This past Wednesday, posted a few pages from the highly anticipated OUAT graphic novel, Shadow of the Queen. The gallery features four pages of artwork from each commissioned artist, showcasing the different styles but ultimately tying them together with ...
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Richard Matheson 1926-2013

I don’t care for vampires. I never cared for vampires. The only time I did enjoy a story about vampires was Richard Matheson’s novella I Am Legend. I was enraptured by this tale of realistic vampires in a post apocalyptic ...
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Syfy Developing Two Classic Science Fiction Novels For Television |

For old school, sci-fi fiction fans, here’s some rather fun news. Syfy, the horribly named cable TV network, is adapting [amazon_link id=”0345333926″ target=”_blank” ]Larry Niven’s Ringworld[/amazon_link] and [amazon_link id=”0345444051″ target=”_blank” ]Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End[/amazon_link] for broadcast: During an upfront presentation yesterday ...
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die hard

Novel That Inspired ‘Die Hard’ Reissued – GalleyCat

One of my favorite films is [amazon_link id=”B000O77SRC” target=”_blank” ]Die Hard[/amazon_link]. Bruce Willis is totally awesome as he walks through glass and kicks ass. The movie is just so full of action awesomeness (clearly the breakout role for Bruce Willis ...