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ready player one

In Case You Missed It: Ready Player One

Every so often, a book comes along that readers dive into wholeheartedly, temporarily leaving the real world until they’ve devoured the world of the novel. While Ready Player One, written by Ernest Cline (screenwriter of the cult classic Fanboys) is ...
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Cyberpunk Book Review: Mardock Scramble by Tow Ubukata

After reviewing the first installment of the anime trilogy Mardock Scramble, I really wanted to view the source material. Unlike many anime, this trio of movies came from a novel series rather than a manga series. I purchased Mardock Scramble ...
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disney princesses

Geek Eccentric Podcast 9: Merida and The Movement.

Podcast #9 features John Hattaway, Mike Fischetti and A.J. O’Connell. On the agenda for the evening: the Disneyfication of Brave’s Princess Merida and Gail Simone’s new comic, The Movement. Also, Titan Books has contacted John and we will now be running ...