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microsoft office

Why I Use Microsoft Office (And Maybe You Should Too) | GEGATT

Prior to the rise of the GUI OS there have been office products that have included word processors, spreadsheet programs, and presentation software. Today, if you’re employed or in school, the top of the top of these is Microsoft Office, ...
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The CosView Reviews Heroes of Cosplay (Season 1.5 – Episode 2)

On episode two of the 1.5 season of Heroes of Cosplay, we were taken to Ottawa Pop Expo in Ottawa, Canada. Ottawa adheres to the International Costume Guidelines, a strict set of rules for cosplayers who choose to present their ...
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To Live A Dragon’s Age | 2: Madness?

Editorial note: Welcome to the second installment of  To Live a Dragon’s Age, one of the two webserials will be running throughout the coming months. To read from the beginning please start here. To Live A Dragon’s Age, written by author MAJK, edited by Dionne Lister and illustrated by Lydia ...
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To Live A Dragon’s Age | 1: The Edge of Goodbye

Editorial note: Welcome to the first installment of  To Live a Dragon’s Age, the second of two webserials that we will be running in the coming months. To Live A Dragon’s Age, written by author MAJK, edited by Dionne Lister and illustrated by Lydia Kurnia and ...
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Fanfiction Evolution: The Creation of Slender Man

Immediately behind my parents’ house lies a state park – 170.4 acres of trees, lakes, and crumbling foundations. Because of the location of their property, the majority of the yard is bracketed by fairly high fencing, with the only gaps ...