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Sleepy Hollow 2.01: “This is War” brings back all the insanity that America was founded upon, with less heads.

  I’m not ashamed to admit that tuning into Sleepy Hollow after the nine months since its first season finale was daunting. The show has moved fast since the very beginning—tossing out references to demonic purgatory, magical cults, and encrypted ...
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S is for Science and Speculation | A to Z Challenge

The origin of science fiction is fiction that is based in science. I read, some years ago (and probably still have) an essay written by an academic and religious philosopher Hugh Nibley where he posits the problem with modern (60’s ...
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R is for Robert A. Heinlein | A to Z Challenge

One of the masters of science fiction, along with Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, is Robert Heinlein. This is a man who created a vision of the future that is unparalleled most other places. While Heinlein had a penchant ...
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philip k dick

K is for Philip K Dick | A to Z Challenge

Okay. I took some liberty with this one. Today, K is for the K in Philip K Dick. Yup. That’s right. I just shoved it in there. However, Philip K. Dick is, quite possibly, one of the most influential writers ...
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isaac asimov

I is for Isaac Asimov | A to Z Challenge

In the pantheon of influence, the celestial diagram of creators, Isaac Asimov ranks among the greatest (along with Robert Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke). He is also one of the most prolific authors of all time and quite possibly the ...
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Fanfiction Evolution: The Creation of Slender Man

Immediately behind my parents’ house lies a state park – 170.4 acres of trees, lakes, and crumbling foundations. Because of the location of their property, the majority of the yard is bracketed by fairly high fencing, with the only gaps ...
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Sleepy Hollow

Review: Sleepy Hollow Imagines A World Where “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” Never Existed

Of all the peculiarities, plot holes, and questions about the nature of FOX’s new show Sleepy Hollow—and these involve, but are not limited to, demonic harbingers of the Apocalypse fighting on behalf of the British in Hudson Valley in 1781—one ...
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Richard Matheson 1926-2013

I don’t care for vampires. I never cared for vampires. The only time I did enjoy a story about vampires was Richard Matheson’s novella I Am Legend. I was enraptured by this tale of realistic vampires in a post apocalyptic ...