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Spider-Women – The Bad that Sony’s Done

And just like that, after several articles about Kevin Feige and his comments about a female-led film, has dropped the knowledge that Sony is planning on using one of the ladies from the Spider-Man Universe in a standalone film. ...

Special Edition NYC: Photos and Recap

The inaugural Special Edition NYC Comic Con was this past weekend, and it was a blast! The aim of Special Edition was to hold a smaller convention strictly focused on the American entertainment staple: comic books. Special Edition was a ...
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Buster Keaton | Edgar Wright

Why Edgar Wright (or others) leaving Marvel Doesn’t Matter

Edgar Wright and a lot of other people don’t matter A. Single. Bit. when it comes to the success or failure of Marvel’s series of movies. Basically, a movie made by Marvel is more likely to be successful than unsuccessful. ...
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Agents of SHIELD | Beginning of the End

The first rule of SHIELD is: You can’t kill Nick Fury. The second rule is: If Nick Fury is dead, see rule number one. This is an interesting approach as SHIELD fell apart during the last several episodes of the ...
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X is for X-Men | A to Z Challenge

In the 1960’s, Marvel and Stan Lee created the X-Men. This was the introduction of a group of mutants, or the next evolutionary human advancement. Basically, the X-Men had powers: Cyclops shot lasers out of his eyes; Marvel Girl who ...