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The CosView Reviews Heroes of Cosplay (Season 1.5 – Episode 2)

On episode two of the 1.5 season of Heroes of Cosplay, we were taken to Ottawa Pop Expo in Ottawa, Canada. Ottawa adheres to the International Costume Guidelines, a strict set of rules for cosplayers who choose to present their ...
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The CosView – Elffi Cosplay

Welcome back to The CosView everyone! Essie Cosplay here, once again with a fabulous interview from the cosplay world. Every Tuesday morning, I bring you a cosplayer from somewhere in our world and sometimes, I just have to go all ...
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The CosView – Lome Lindi

Welcome back to another CosView Tuesday!! For our new comers, I try to bring together fans, photographers, and cosplayers on Geek Eccentric. Sure, we know the big names, but what about the amazing cosplayers that don’t pop up in every ...
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by TashinaJacob at deviantART

What Fanfiction Taught Me About…(fan)Art

If I’m remembering a quote correctly, Pablo Picasso once said that art wasn’t truth, rather it was a lie that made viewers realize the truth as it was presented to them. To further butcher and paraphrase, he was trying to ...
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What Fanfiction Taught Me About…Music

I associate music with almost everything that happens in my life, and my love of fanfiction is no exception. Maybe this has something to do with my inane desire to feel like I’m living in a B-rated drama film; or ...

The Woman Behind Fairy Tale Who: An Interview with Karen Hallion

Back in March, Geek Eccentric found a fashion line of Fairy Tale Who corsets, which featured wonderful patterns of Disney princesses meeting the Doctor and his TARDIS. The artist behind the prints iswas Karen Hallion, and she quickly became a ...
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sexual violence

Females in Fanart: When fan art crosses the line, sexual violence on deviantArt

There’s no art with this post. There are no links to art. And that’s because, although I’m writing about art, I don’t want to distract you with any images. Because the sort of images I’m writing about today are distracting. ...
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geek a week

Geek A Week’s Len Peralta Draws Your D & D and RPG Characters – Boing Boing

Not sure what to say here, other than I occasionally want images of my characters from fiction and occasionally find people I’d like to have draw them. Then I realize I’m cash poor and drop the idea. However, from BoingBoing: ...
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star wars

Star Wars | 5 detailed illustrations of vehicles of the Empire | I WANNA BE A JEDI.comI WANNA BE A

Here’s the most impressive (because it’s from the original trilogy, yo) of five designs from I Wanna Be A Jedi. There are four others, though those pretty much cover the prequel trilogy, which (as a once and future fan) I ...