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25 Days of Geek Christmas: Day 12 ~ 10 Gift Ideas for the Cosplayer

Dressing up for Halloween is great fun but some of us have that friend (or maybe we are that friend) for whom Halloween just isn’t enough. They are the Cosplayer. These Fashionistas of Fantasy rock nearly everything they put on ...
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25 Days of Holiday Gifts – Day 10: The Fanfic-obsessed’s Shopping List

One the tenth day of ‘Shipmas, my true love gave to me…some gifts to reflect my OTP. Hello, my lovely Geek Eccentric readers! As we all know, the holiday season is traditionally the time of year when people are encouraged ...
Geek Eccentric’s 25 Days of Geek Gift Christmas – Day 1: Classic Anime

Geek Eccentric’s 25 Days of Geek Gift Christmas – Day 1: Classic Anime

It’s the most wonderfuuuuul time of the year! (Well, maybe not for Whovians).  But the entire month of December has a magic power that propels people into a Christmas-y, giving spirit with a side of good cheer. And to help ...
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penguin cosplay

Penguin Cosplay | Best Toy News on the Web! Blind Mouse Toys

What do you think of this? Penguin Cosplay!!! How awesome is this? Blind Mouse Toys, a new company based out of Adelaide, Australia launch their company with the very first release from their ‘Cosplay Penguin’ line – Judge Dredd.  Under ...