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What Fanfiction Taught Me About…The Hiatus Effect

Something happens to a fandom when the thing they love most is temporarily put on hold. When a fandom is asked to wait for a new season, a new episode, or a new movie, there’s a dark shadow that you ...
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Ten Horror Movie Lessons for Teens From a Curmudgeon

Kids today. You punks have it easy. It starts on the playground, with that all-rubber-cushioned surface that stops you from getting your precious little knees skinned. Maybe it’s the stupid obsession with hand sanitizer your germophobic parents have, or that ...
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Futurama is over and staying that way, forever, once again.

Reminding us that whatever is dead must stay dead even if it was totally revived in 2007 after four direct-to-DVD movies for two additional seasons, Futurama‘s seven-season life of Frankensteinian proportions has finally come to an end.  Really, this time. ...
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twilight zone

Twilight Zone – Twilight of the Idols: “To Serve Man”

I’m about to hit you with some truth: The Twilight Zone‘s third season episode “To Serve Man” is over fifty-years old. That’s two of my lifetimes; that being said, I’m not sure if that makes it more or less reasonable ...