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"I'm the Doctor. I've lived for over two thousand years. And not all of them were good. I've made many mistakes, and it's about time that I did something about that."

Allons-y! Syracuse University Professor to Teach a “Doctor Who” Course

The 10th Doctor might not barge into your class repeating “Physics!” but it’s the next best thing. Professor Anthony Rotolo has created a Doctor Who seminar series for the 2015 spring semester at Syracuse University. Known as #WhoClass, the class ...
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Fanfic Rec: 5 Works of Slashfiction Outside My Fandoms

I am a self-proclaimed geek. I am also an (obviously) avid fanfiction reader; but it’s less often than you think that these two aspects of my life mesh perfectly. There are certain fanfiction pairings that I am a part of ...
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25 Days of Holiday Gifts – Day 10: The Fanfic-obsessed’s Shopping List

One the tenth day of ‘Shipmas, my true love gave to me…some gifts to reflect my OTP. Hello, my lovely Geek Eccentric readers! As we all know, the holiday season is traditionally the time of year when people are encouraged ...
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What Fanfiction Taught Me About…Music

I associate music with almost everything that happens in my life, and my love of fanfiction is no exception. Maybe this has something to do with my inane desire to feel like I’m living in a B-rated drama film; or ...
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What Fanfiction Taught Me About…The Hiatus Effect

Something happens to a fandom when the thing they love most is temporarily put on hold. When a fandom is asked to wait for a new season, a new episode, or a new movie, there’s a dark shadow that you ...