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Spider-Women – The Bad that Sony’s Done

And just like that, after several articles about Kevin Feige and his comments about a female-led film, has dropped the knowledge that Sony is planning on using one of the ladies from the Spider-Man Universe in a standalone film. ...
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The CosView – The Last of Us Movie??

Hello my lovelies! I bet you are wondering why this week is a little different. Well, we are doing a different type of cosplay interview. This isn’t just one cosplayer. This is a cosplay group centered around The Last of ...
Get Hyped for Fan-Made Trailer ‘The Akira Project’

Get Hyped for Fan-Made Trailer ‘The Akira Project’

Today more than ever before, geek-culture / superhero movies are being produced and introduced to the mainstream. There’s also been a rise in the quality fan-made trailers, shows, and even a few movies. You know, some independent film companies that ...
A ‘Black Widow’ Solo Movie is Being Developed

A ‘Black Widow’ Solo Movie is Being Developed

Even before Marvel Studios announced Phase 3 of their comic book superhero movies–which include “Ant Man,” and part three of “The Avengers” and “Captain America”–there’s been hope for a stand-alone ‘Black Widow’ movie. It just makes sense–Scarlett Johansson’s character Natasha ...