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Spider-Women – The Bad that Sony’s Done

And just like that, after several articles about Kevin Feige and his comments about a female-led film, has dropped the knowledge that Sony is planning on using one of the ladies from the Spider-Man Universe in a standalone film. ...
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Buster Keaton | Edgar Wright

Why Edgar Wright (or others) leaving Marvel Doesn’t Matter

Edgar Wright and a lot of other people don’t matter A. Single. Bit. when it comes to the success or failure of Marvel’s series of movies. Basically, a movie made by Marvel is more likely to be successful than unsuccessful. ...

The Akira Project is Here!

Back in February, we shined the spotlight on The Akira Project, a fan-made trailer that tackles the cult classic ’80s anime film. And now that trailer is finally out! Clocking in at just over 5 mins, the high-quality, action-packed trailer ...
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Clarke’s Three Laws

For the uninitiated (or those who never knew where at least one of these statements came from) Arthur C. Clarke made his mark on the world of Speculative Fiction, of which Science Fiction is a part, by creating three (3) ...
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W is for Wachowski’s | A to Z Challenge

  Uncle George changed the world by creating Star Wars and modern special effects. And we love him for it. Or, we loved him for it. Like Uncle George, there are storytellers that come along and change the way we ...
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philip k dick

K is for Philip K Dick | A to Z Challenge

Okay. I took some liberty with this one. Today, K is for the K in Philip K Dick. Yup. That’s right. I just shoved it in there. However, Philip K. Dick is, quite possibly, one of the most influential writers ...
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george lucas

G is for George Lucas | A to Z Challenge

Today G is for George Lucas. That’s right, uncle George. While I cannot, and will not, condone his latter day travesties (*cough cough* the prequels), what George Lucas did for movies and science fiction is, without reservation, the most important ...
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The CosView with Linda Ballantyne aka Sailor Moon!

Anime Boston 2014 brought a lot of firsts to Geek Eccentric. It was the first con GE attended with press, sending out myself– Essie Cosplay– as the correspondent, with a job to catch as many cosplayers and voice actors as ...