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The CosView – The Last of Us Movie??

Hello my lovelies! I bet you are wondering why this week is a little different. Well, we are doing a different type of cosplay interview. This isn’t just one cosplayer. This is a cosplay group centered around The Last of ...
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The Viral Lie: How the Ease of Releasing Content has been Confused for Creating It

The last few days I have been listening to panels featuring Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day from the past years C2E2 Comic Convention. They are entertaining and plenty of fun to listen to. I noticed in both panels people approached, ...
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Joker Rising: A New Hope for Fan Films

A few weeks back I voiced my concern over the lack of superhero fan films, specifically ones of real weight and real fun. And then I heard about Joker Rising which tells a more contemporary, Post-Nolan take on how the ...
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Felicia Day: Geek Revisited

By Michael Fischetti A week ago Felicia Day, actress, creator of the online hit show “The Guild”, and founder of the Geek and Sundry Channel on Youtube, announced that her channel would be returning for a second season but in ...
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Star Trek | Fan-made Parody Webseries ‘Red Shirts’ To Debut In Spring – Watch First Trailer |

For Star Trek fans out there (and Scalzi), here’s an interesting bit of news. Apparently, there’s a webseries dealing with the expected fate of redshirts from Star Trek: TOS where the expectation is that if you’re wearing the red shirt ...