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The Big Bang Theory S7E13: The Occupation Recalibration

After the last episode of The Big Bang Theory, where Penny proposed (finally) to Leonard and was shot down due to her inebriation, we begin [amazon_link id=”B00HPMJWWS” target=”_blank” ]The Occupation Recalibration[/amazon_link]¬†with the “are they or aren’t they?” question that persisted ...
Big Bang Theory, Reviews, Television, Watch
Thanksgiving 2

Big Bang Theory S7E9 The Thanksgiving Decoupling

This week on The Big Bang Theory, [amazon_link id=”B00GQ0Y8PG” target=”_blank” ]The Thanksgiving Decoupling[/amazon_link], we celebrate Thanksgiving. According to Sheldon and Leonard, their tradition is that Leonard cooks and Sheldon complains about it. Howard shows up and invites everyone to his ...