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Game of Thrones Season Three, Episode 6 – “The Climb”

This week GoT was all giant walls and ladders, characters climbing or losing their grip on the game. Ramsay Snow, Joffrey, and Littlefinger battle it out for the coveted title, “King of the Creeps.” These psychopaths are nose and nose. ...
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Game of Thrones – Season Three, Episode Four: “And Now His Watch is Ended”

The women of Game of Thrones bare their teeth in this episode. Daenerys proves she’s clever and capable as a leader, Brienne tells Jaime to quit whining and seek revenge, Margaery continues to manipulate Joffrey, and, in a room filled ...
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Game of Thrones: Season Three, Episode Three, “Walk of Punishment”

Beautiful, valiant Jaime’s best asset: his sword hand, the dead bodies of the Night’s Watch, and Theon, the pathetic prisoner of Harrenhal—gone, every one. The third episode of Game of Thrones provided much needed action and plot changes to the ...
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George R.R. Martin says he’s considering a Game Of Thrones prequel TV series | TV | Newswire | The A.V. Club

For you Game of Thrones fans out there, it would appear that George R.R. Martin is considering a prequel series. What do you think about the possibility of more GoT before the books and HBO series start? Fans of HBO’s ...