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O is for Outer Limits | A to Z Challenge

There are two television shows that, like death and taxes, are guaranteed to return again and again: Twilight Zone and The Outer Limit. While today’s A to Z post is titled O is for the Outer Limits. On the one ...
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Richard Matheson 1926-2013

I don’t care for vampires. I never cared for vampires. The only time I did enjoy a story about vampires was Richard Matheson’s novella I Am Legend. I was enraptured by this tale of realistic vampires in a post apocalyptic ...
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Homage to The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone has mesmerized viewers for more than five decades with thought-provoking, controversial ideas masked as pure fantasy, entertaining and often surprising us. Rod Serling’s landmark series ran from 1959-1964 but remains a cult favorite, appealing to the geek, ...