World War…Eh.

In the history of film, there has only been one movie that has ever had a budget upwards of $300 million (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End). The current trend for action-heavy summer blockbusters is that the budget will ...
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I Am (The Real) Legend

Although it is considered journalistically improper to do so, I believe I must start this piece off with a disclaimer: I did not read Richard Matheson’s brilliant I Am Legend before seeing the 2007 Will Smith film in theaters. I ...
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Whole Lotta Love

In the post-Twilight world, teenage girls are looking for something new to sink their teeth into now that Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have retired their crimson contacts and brooding stares—well Stewart doesn’t do brooding, or any variety of facial ...
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Zombie Apocalypse | World of Architecture: Amazing Architecture: Safe House by KWK Promes, Warsaw, Poland

So, there you are minding your own business and then, out of nowhere, the zombie apocalypse happens. The undead start to walk the street. Your neighbors are being eaten alive for BRAINS, and all you know is that the end ...
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REVIEW :: Warm Bodies – by Robin

Before reading, please note the Geek Eccentric Spoilers policy. The zombie craze seems to have reached critical mass. Similar to the post-[amazon_link id=”B001T5D6LK” target=”_blank” ]Twilight vampire explosion[/amazon_link], every man, woman, and child seems drawn to these post-apocalyptic brain-eaters. It is ...