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virtual reality

You are being lied to about Virtual Reality | GEGATT

I like to call this the Lawnmower Man effect. Or, the period at which home computers had gotten to a point where science fiction writers (especially for movies) could begin imagining a world where the immersion of intellect into a ...
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If You’re Not Using an E-Reader You’re Not Alive | GEGATT

Sony, way back, was the leader in e-reader technology. Back when e-ink was a new thing, and then not a new thing, but still not widely adopted and now that it’s been co-opted by the Amazon for its e-reader Kindle ...
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microsoft office

Why I Use Microsoft Office (And Maybe You Should Too) | GEGATT

Prior to the rise of the GUI OS there have been office products that have included word processors, spreadsheet programs, and presentation software. Today, if you’re employed or in school, the top of the top of these is Microsoft Office, ...