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The CosView – So They Say You Shouldn’t Cosplay at BCC 2014

This year, The CosView and Geek Eccentric attended Boston Comic Con 2014. Packed with cosplays and tv heroes, BCC was an energetic and fun filled con that was great for all ages. The CosView photographer, Lazzaro Studios, stated that BCC “was the best comic con” he had been to all year, and we had been to a handful of them.

Covering a con is always an enjoyment for The CosView. Not only do we get to see the amazing cosplays created by fans, we also get to meet the cosfamous crowd–cosplayers who have made a name for themselves in the cosplay community. There were a lot of big names at BCC this year! Bethany Maddock, Ivy Doomkitty, BelleChere, Stella Chuu, Nicole Marie Jean, and Destiny Nickelsen were all in attendance. We were very lucky to stop by and chat with these girls and even get some one-on-one interviews with them, all of which can be found on our YouTube page,

When we stopped to chat with Ivy, and later, BelleChere, we were informed that a panel was happening in the late afternoon called “So They Say You Shouldn’t Cosplay.” Of course, we were going! Of course, we were going to take pictures! But then we met up with BelleChere (who is lovely by the way) and she asked if we would be willing to tape for her fans. I couldn’t say no to that request! (Find the links at the bottom of this article)

The panel was amazing! But BCC had some faults that us cosplayers all agreed on. One, the room was extremely small. The line for the panel went out and around the side of the hall and there wasn’t enough room to bring in all those that wanted to attend. I would hope that future cons, BCC included, will open up larger rooms for cosplay panels. Second, not pertaining to the panels, the air circulation in the con was horrible and cosplayers were on the verge of passing out. The summer is a hot part of the year. When con’s invite guests, I would hope they understand that their guests are going to be in full cosplay, which can include body suits, armor, etc. Let’s make sure our cosplay family stays healthy and offer fans if the air conditioner is going to be lacking.

The CosView looks forward to returning to BCC next year! We had a blast and would have to put BCC at the top 10 cons of the East Coast. As for the panel, there are no words to describe the amazing comments and advice given to viewers. Bethany, Ivy, and Belle were the perfect examples of the horrible quote and have experienced their fair share of “haters” in the cosplay world. I would like to remind readers that you can cosplay whatever/whoever/etc you want. Do not listen to the horrible words of people out there. You can do whatever you want. Don’t be afraid to cosplay. And if all else fails, look to others for guidance. ^_^

We will see you guys next time!!

-Essie Cosplay

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