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David Tennant: From time traveller to crime unraveller – Features – TV & Radio – The Independent

David Tennant

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For lovers of the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant), here’s some news on his current ITV project Broadchurch where he unravels crime and does it in style. Read the quote and then click through to the actual article.

David Tennant, unshaven and sporting a long fluorescent yellow police coat, is staring bleakly into the harbour at West Bay, the seaside satellite of Bridport in Dorset. A body has been dragged from the water and lies on a trolley in front of him. It being a rare sunny day, a crowd has gathered to watch the filming of this scene from the upcoming ITV drama Broadchurch – an eight-part drama exploring the fallout within a close-knit community when an 11-year-old local boy is murdered.

“Clearly it is a murder mystery… a whodunit… but that is a key into a much more complex, richer story,” says Tennant when I catch up with him in his trailer. “It’s also a story about the family that it’s happened to, and the community that’s reeling from the death of this child.”

Tennant’s character, DI Alec Hardy, is an abrasive, formerly high-flying detective, his career under an unspecified cloud, who’s sent to this sleepy backwater after the child’s murder becomes a media sensation. “I’m shoved out in the sticks to be forgotten about,” says Tennant. “And then what should happen but there’s a high-profile murder case on my patch.”

via David Tennant: From time traveller to crime unraveller – Features – TV & Radio – The Independent.

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  1. […] David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, stars in a new crime unraveller – Broadchurch – for ITV out of the UK.  […]

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