Grimm: Weapons Guide

Grimm’s intertwining of centuries-old history and lore with the present fascinates Grimmsters every week. A significant aspect of this combination is the use of weaponry dating from the first century to up to the twentieth. Grimms have vanquished Wesen worldwide with these specialized instruments of destruction, and we’ve seen Nick Burkhardt wield several on the astronomical Portland Wesen population. Though you may be familiar with a few, a quick guide to some of these weapons is a necessity for any card-carrying Grimmster.


Nick used a kanabo to fight four Hundagers who were also known members of the Verrat. The kanabo originated in feudal Japan as a weapon of the samurai. This spiked club or truncheon is useful when a gun just won’t do.



The Chinese whip, also known as a cat o’ nine tails, is a flail Löwen use. It appeared in the episode “Last Grimm Standing.” Similar to this is the wushu chain whip; one of eighteen arms used in Chinese martial arts. These weapons can both be found in Nick’s collection.



A morning star consists of a shaft with a large metal ball with spikes or blades on top. This weapon was developed at some time in the medieval period and was used by both foot soldiers and horsemen. A mace is often confused with the morning star, but a mace is an ancient weapon consisting of a spiked ball-and-chain. Maces are used in the underground Wesen fight clubs.


In the “Bad Teeth” episode a castration blade was the tool of choice for unmanning the Rotznasig Carcaju. The name of this weapon says it all.


The purpose of the ceremonial bear claw is to disembowel. Traditionally, it’s an ancient Jägerbar weapon more than a thousand years old. Aunt Marie’s book explains that this weapon is a rare Germanic find, dating back to 900 A.D. Its carved bear head and claw-like scoop is used as part of Roh-hatz, a celebration in which young Jägerbar boys become men. Nick has one as well, in the trailer’s weapons cabinet.


Nick’s dopplearmbrust is a double-decker crossbow used specifically for hunting Wesen. The dopplearmbrust was first designed for Blutbaden. The first bolt is filled with hellebore extract, used as a tranquilizer. The second bolt holds hemlock, a precaution should the first bolt not be effective.


A siegbarste gemehr, commonly known as an elephant gun, is a large, triple barrel rifle Grimms use to kill Siegbarstes. These creatures are ogre-like and have a high tolerance for pain, but the giant bullets of the gemehr are coated with a special Siegbarste poison that can kill them with one shot.

In Grimm we never know what to expect, but I imagine that the future will include the introduction of many additional archaic or rare weapons to intrigue the show’s modern viewers. As Nick and his adversaries continue their centuries-long battle, Grimmsters relish the unique details of the series. Which weapons Nick will use to fight the zombies in the season finale on Tuesday is anybody’s guess.

Drawings by Max Farinato

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