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This is where Geek Eccentric will list all podcasts produced by and in conjunction with the website. Stay tuned.

Currrent Podcasts

Geek Eccentric podcast – hosted by John Hattaway

Guests: Michael Fischetti, Brandon Davis, Adam Newson, Robin Collins, A.J. O’Connell, M.J. Jones-Kauffman, David Lowry, Abby Hammond, Gabriella Tutino, Max Farinato.

Episode 1 – Introducing… us.
Episode 2 – The classic (’80s and ’70s) movies we love.
Episode 3 Oz the Great and Powerful (aka the staff hates Rachel Weisz.)
Episode 4 – Our zombie escape plans, and other things.
Episode 5 – Guilty geeky pleasures, and other things.
Episode 6– Two comic movies we love: The Dark Knight & Avengers
Episode 7
– Trailer watching: Superman and Star Trek: Into Darkness and some Doctor Who.
Episode 8 Iron Man 3, Power Girl & Where is our Wonder Woman?
Episode 9 – Merida & The Movement
Episode 10 Star Trek: The Darkness & The Children of Greatness
Episode 11 – Are kids killing fandom?
Episode 12Man of Steel and console wars
Episode 13 – The Feminism Free-for-All