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Precision Machined Dice – Review

Additional links for Precision Machined Dice:

Kickstarter page:

CRL Products (Cybernetic Research Labs):

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  1. […] John does a vlog entry on the Kickstarter project Precision Machined Dice that's led to Cybernetic Research Labs and other projects.  […]

  2. Amber Rix

    July 16, 2013 at 4:08 am

    Just found this!

    Thank you :)

    I am really happy you like them, and that they got to you safely!

    …I apologize for the updates… it is a lot huh? Cant make everyone happy, some complain I don’t do enough, some say I do too many… anyway, sorry they are annoying, I can understand that. ^.^;

    But nice video, I really appreciate it!


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