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Spider-Women – The Bad that Sony’s Done

And just like that, after several articles about Kevin Feige and his comments about a female-led film, has dropped the knowledge that Sony is planning on using one of the ladies from the Spider-Man Universe in a standalone film. The film is rumored to have a 2017 release date following the November 11, 2016  release of the Sinister Six.

While the news definitely gives hope of seeing more female super heroes, as the other studios will not sit by idly and be outdone by Sony, I doubt that this will be the amazing film I hoped it would be. Sony does not have a good track record with its Spider-Man franchise. Each film has grossed less and less domestically showing either audience fatigue or audience disinterest in the character. Either way, Sony is clearly doing something wrong. See the chart below from for more details.

Personally I do not care for the Spider-Man movies beyond Raimi’s Spider-Man 2. Both the Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man series are incredibly rocky with really horrible heapings of camp beyond necessity. What they’ve done to the characters of Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, and Felicia Hardy are appalling. In these films MJ and Gwen have been relegated to screaming damsels so helpless, they probably couldn’t open a box of cereal without Peter. And Felicia’s brief appearance as secretary number one in Amazing Spider-Man 2 just goes to show women only belong in boardroom if they are taking notes.

Lest we forget in this most recent Spider-Man movie when *SPOILER ALERT*…

…without earning it, they killed off Gwen Stacy. Shoving yet another woman in the refrigerator so Peter has a reason to cry for a while. Gwen spends the whole movie trying to explain to Peter how competent she is and how her life is her choice, that is, until the rejected make-up design for Toad from X-Men swoops in and grabs her, then she cannot do anything.

OK, rant done. The point is, how can we expect a studio which has handled the women of this franchise  so poorly, to be expected to execute a well-done female superhero film? Making a film with a female lead is without merit if the story is bad. If Sony wants to plant the flag and make the first major female-led superhero movie they better make sure this time they know how to treat women how they should be treated: as people.


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  1. Clever Move

    August 5, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    Your chart is the slightest bit off-base — not because the data is wrong, but because it’s taken out of context. The trend of Spider-Man movies grossing more internationally than domestically reflects a trend for the industry as a whole. If you isolate the domestic figures, you’ll find that ‘Amazing’ 1 and 2 took in about as much box office (adjusted for inflation) as the original Spider-Man 2.

    This is not to defend ‘Amazing’ 2, just to add context.

    • smokingpen

      August 5, 2014 at 2:42 pm

      Thanks for the clarification Clever Move.

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