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Supernatural Recap: “King of the Damned”

What can I say about last night’s episode of Supernatural, “King of the Damned”? It was slightly eventful and something significant did happen, but anti-climatically. Clearly you know I will be giving you some spoilers, but not all of the ...
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Arrow Recap: The Promise

This week’s episode of Arrow titled “The Promise” was by far one of the best episodes so far.  The different about this week’s episode was the fact that a majority of it was all flashback on the island.  It was wonderfully ...
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Kindred spirits? Dean taking on demons in Cain's kitchen via

Supernatural Recap: First Born

Last nights Supernatural’s “First Born” episode was definitely interesting and surprising.  There was a good plot twist within the episode, which will have some consequences in the future.  Although Sam and Dean were not together in this episode, their plot ...