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TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 4 Ep 6. “The Family Business”

Once took a dark turn in last night’s episode, giving an indication as to how the rest of the season will pan out with the new villain. The sixth episode also knotted all the lore together, which has the potential to make The Snow Queen the most intertwined villain yet.

The most important part of last night’s episode was the flashback. It follows Belle’s past, starting with the Troll Wars, and links her to Anna & Arendelle, thus intertwining the two fairytale realms closer together.

After an attack on Belle’s castle, the princess wakes up to find her mother dead and part of her memory missing due to trauma. After doing some research, Belle journeys to Arendelle to find the rock trolls. She encounters Anna who befriends her and takes her to them. Prior to this, Anna meets and becomes suspicious of Ingrid–the Snow Queen– not believing that she has a genuine, friendly reason to join the family. So Anna seeks out her rock-troll relatives as well. Grandpapi helps out both princesses by giving them what they need, but disaster strikes when Ingrid chases after Anna. Belle has to make a decision and her choice ends up being the wrong one.

Flash forward to present day Storybrooke, and Emma has shown everyone the home video footage. Everyone splits up into teams, with Elsa & Belle looking for information in the library while the rest of town checks out the Enchanted Forest and Ingrid’s abandoned ice cream truck. Belle tries to keep her past encounter with Anna a secret from Elsa, but the guilt is too much and spurs her into action–she uses Rumpel to find the Snow Queen’s lair and tries to confront her. However, Belle comes face-to-face with Ingrid’s weapon instead.

At the end of the episode, when everyone is safe and sound, the heroes of Storybrooke are able to piece together what they believe is Ingrid’s plan. While it keeps Emma and Elsa safe, it threatens the safety of the entire town. How can the residents of Storybrooke save themselves this time?

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