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TV Review: Once Upon a Time Season 4, Ep. 8 “Smash the Mirror”

This weekend brought the OUAT double-feature treatment, considering there was a lot of ground to cover. Rather than spreading out Emma’s out-of-control magic issue over a few episodes, they condensed it. Plus, there was the treat of finding out what happened to Anna and how Elsa ended up trapped in the jar.

In “Smash the Mirror,” Emma’s situation is much like Elsa’s in her original movie origin story. The Savior is afraid to hurt anyone and isolates herself. But after accidentally hurting Henry–he of course, finds her in the forest–Emma seeks the help of Gold to get rid of her powers. This is of course, a trap on Gold’s part, as he aims to use the Sorceror’s hat on Emma to absorb her and her power.

Gold’s plan fails as Elsa comes to the rescue and helps Emma embrace her power and who she is. Oddly enough, this works out in the Snow Queen’s power, and at the end of the episode, successfully casts The Spell of Shattered Sight.

In the midst of all this: Regina and Robin Hood finally get together, there are a few deep, meaningful conversations all around, Robin Hood finds some good news about the book to share with Regina, and when Gold realizes that Emma failed, he sets his sights on Hook and grabs his heart.

It all ties together, however in the flashback: we learn that Ingrid goes to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice to ask for happiness, and he tells her there will be a third “sister” in the future. To secure this, Ingrid tricks Anna into using the urn on Elsa, but Rumpel swoops in at the last minute to take it away. However, the Apprentice comes back and makes a deal with Ingrid–give him back the sorcerer’s hat and he will give her a portal to the world where the third sister is.

Things should get really interesting now that the curse has been cast.

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